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25. 3. 2024

Exploring Prague's Prime Office Locations Along the Metro Lines

Prime Office Rents

According to the latest data from Colliers International, prime office rents in Prague's city center can reach up to €27.50 per square meter per month, reflecting the high demand for premium office spaces in the heart of the city. The inner-city areas command rents of up to €18.50 per square meter per month, while outer-city locations can fetch rents of up to €16.50 per square meter per month.

The náměstí Republiky metro station is gaining prominence as a prime office destination, thanks to the development of the Masaryčka project, which offers tenants a revitalized location. Additionally, the NR7 building, currently undergoing renovation by Crestyl, will provide further premium office spaces in this area. Similarly, the Nádraží Holešovice station has increased its attractiveness for tenants with the completion of Skanska's PORT7 building.

Rent Increases Over the Past Year

Over the past 12 months, prime office rents have experienced an overall increase of 8% in Prague. The city centre witnessed a 2% rise, while the inner-city and outer-city areas saw increases of 1% and 3%, respectively. This growth can be attributed to the limited supply of new developments and the annual indexation of rents in existing buildings.

Prague's riverfront areas are also emerging as attractive office locations, with opportunities for further development. The revitalization of the Smíchovské nádraží terminal, along with the construction of the Smíchov City project adjacent to the Anděl metro station, is expected to enhance the appeal of this locality in the coming years.

As businesses continue to seek prime office spaces in well-connected and amenity-rich areas, Prague's metro stations and their surrounding neighbourhoods are poised to remain highly desirable locations for office development and investment.

Download our updated Metro map from this link.